June 2009




Understanding Unique Sleep Problems in Women

While women overall sleep better than men do, they may experience various sleep difficulties throughout life.

By Antonio Culebras, MD

Who's On Call?

Faced with decreasing emergency neurological services, some hospitals are spreading neurologists too thin. Their reaction hasn't always been kind.

By Paul Winnington, Editorial Director

Down, But Not Out: Treatment After Ineffective Epilepsy Surgery

Many patients experience significant benefits from epilepsy surgery, but some do not. Here's how the care team can respond to sub-optimal results and plan future therapy.

By John Stern, MD


Beware the Pitfalls of Misdirected Cost-Cutting

By Paul Winnington - Editorial Director


Strategies and Rationale for Management of Postictal Psychosis

Among patients who have had epilepsy for a prolonged period of time, seizures may produce psychosis. Controlling seizures is key to management.

By Steven Karceski, MD

Physical Therapy for Low-Back Pain: How the Neurologist Can Facilitate Optimal Care

Despite the frequency with which they order it, neurologists typically don't have formal training on the specifics of physical therapy. Here's how to make good referrals.

By John Barbis, MA, PT, OCS and Steven Mandel, MD

How to Treat Sialorrhea in Parkinson's Disease Patients

The troubling symptom may occur in up to half of PD patients, including those with mild disease. Effective therapies are available.

By Zac Haughn, Senior Associate Editor

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