March/April 2010



Expert Opinion: Chorea in the Setting of Hyperglycemia – A Case Report and Review of the Literature

The precise mechanism for chorea-ballism secondary to hyperglycemia is unknown, but evidence shows that glycemic control can help alleviate motor symptoms.

By Mary Kate McCullen, MD; Jeffrey Miller, MD; Serge Jabbour, MD; Kevin Furlong, DO; Monika Shirodakar, MD; Intekhab Ahmed, MD; and Steven Mandel, MD

Epilepsy Essentials: Seizure Disorders and Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators

Clinical neurologists should be familiar with regulations regarding commercial drivers’ qualifications to drive and the role of third party examiners.

By Natalie P. Hartenbaum, MD, MPH, FACOEM

Clinical Focus: Vitamin D and MS: Implications for Patient Care

There are clear non-neurologic medical reasons to avoid hypovitaminosis D and some evidence that vitamin D supplementation can influence the course of MS in deficient patients.

By George J. Hutton, MD

Head Games: Know the Ins and Outs of Sports and Concussions

Recent national attention to the problem of concussion and sports presents an opportunity to promote safety and establish guidelines for improved diagnosis and management.

By Ravish Patwardhan, MD

Therapeutics Q&A:

The first drug approved specifically to manage a symptom of MS is shown to improve patients’ walking ability.

By Zac Haughn, Senior Associate Editor

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