February 2011




Dysosmia and Dysgeusia: A Patient's Nightmare and an Opportunity for Learning

A case of severe smell and taste disturbance resulting in weight loss and impaired quality of life offers an opportunity to clarify terms and understand treatment options.

By Ronald Devere, MD

New Daily Persistent Headache: A Question and Answer Review

A specialist provides clarification on the diagnosis and management of the challenging condition known as NDPH.

By Randolph W. Evans, MD

Oral Disease Modifying Therapy for MS: Important Considerations

The availability of an oral agent for MS may create a therapeutic dilemma for clinicians as they try to determine the role of new therapy in patient care.

By Jeffrey I. Greenstein, MD


In The News

CASE REPORT: Neurocognitive Presentation of HIV: HIV-associated Progressive Encephalopathy

A case report and review of the literature explores HIV presenting as a syndrome complex with cognitive, motor, and behavioral features.

By Eva Pilcher, MD and Michael J. Schneck, MD

Editor's Message

By Paul Winnington, Editorial Director

Therapeutics Q&A: How Many AEDs are Optimal for Pediatric Epilepsy Management?

A recent study sheds light on the benefits and limitations of multi-AED therapy in children with intractable epilepsy.

By Jay Desai, MD

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