June 2011




Viewpoints Teleneurology Report Card: Proof of Concept

Teleneurology may be viewed as a “physician extender” not for an individual practitioner, but for the entire specialty, according to one teleneurologist.

By Mitchell J. Rubin, MD

How Biomarkers are Changing Knowledge and Management of Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers and clinicians weigh in on the progress and potential of AD biomarker research.

New AD Guidelines Focus on Early Disease

By Zac Haughn, Senior Associate Editor

In-house or Outsourced Billing: What to Know to Make a Choice or a Change

There are pros and cons to each method. Research and preparation are essential to decision-making.

By Steven M. Hacker, MD

Critical Illness Polyneuropathy and Critical Illness Myopathy

ICU consults for patients who are either diffusely weak or have difficulty being weaned from mechanical ventilation may be due to CIP, CIM, or a combination of these two.

By Amir S. Khoiny, M.D. and Réza Behrouz, D.O.

Practice Management Deadlines Loom for Clinical Neurologists

Learn what you need to do to comply with new initiatives and protect your practice from fines and penalties.

By Paul Winnington, Editorial Director

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