July/August 2011




Viewpoints: Annoyances are Unavoidable; Frustration Isn’t

More research should be devoted to what bugs physicians and detracts from the care of our patients.

By Randolph W. Evans, MD

Neurostimulation for Headache Disorders

By Zac Haughn, Senior Associate Editor

Case Report Hemichorea- Hemiballism Associated With Nonketotic Hyperglycemia

Clinical awareness of the variety of neurological manifestations associated with NKH has become increasingly important in order to implement the appropriate treatment.

By Angelo Argento, MD

Meningo-Vascular Syphilis: Revisiting An Old Adversary

A peculiar pathological presentation within the panorama of neurosyphilis is a phenomenon called meningo-vascular syphilis (MVS) or meningo vascular neurosyphilis.

By Réza Behrouz, DO, Ali R. Malek, MD, and Rossitza I. Chichkova, MD, MS


In The News

Neurology Q&A: What Neurologists Should Know About Headache Patients and Complimentary Medicine

Those who suffer from headaches may be more likely to use CAM than others are. Here’s what research shows.
A Q&A with Rebecca E. Wells, MD, MPH

Special Report: New Headache Findings Highlight Need for Prevention, New Directions in Development

Recent research suggests exciting new directions in clinical care and therapeutic development for headache.


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