May/June 2012



Cover Focus

Evidence Lost? Epilepsy Surgery Not as Common as It Should Be

Doctors stress the importance of evidence-based medicine. So why aren’t more patients having epilepsy surgery?

Concussion and Epilepsy: What is the Link?

Individuals who suffer a traumatic brain injury are at increased risk for developing seizures. Here’s an update to the current evidence and implications for monitoring.
Insights from G. Alexander Hishaw, MD

Feature Story

New Guidelines Update Approach to Episodic Migraine Prevention

Only a small percentage of patients who may be eligible for it report current use of daily preventive migraine medication. New guidelines may increase access.

By Stephen D. Silberstein, MD

Vitamin D Status in Chronic Myofascial Pain and Associated Neurological Disorders Episodic Migraine Prevention

As low levels of vitamin D are associated with multiple illnesses, new evidence suggests links to neurological diseases.

By Dhanpat Mohnot, MD; Allan V. Kalueff, PhD; VJ DuRapau, Jr., PhD; Sopan Mohnot; Gurdial Arora, PhD; and Adam Michael Stewart, MS

Expert Opinion

Diagnosis and Management of Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome is a neuromuscular condition that remains poorly understood and often misdiagnosed.

By John W. Norbury, MD; Jamie Morris; Kelly M. Warren, PhD, MPT; Adam L Schreiber, DO, MA; Clinton Faulk, MD; Daniel P. Moore, MD; Steven Mandel, MD

Clinical Tips

The Pen Test

A proposed test to measure fine finger control in Parkinson’s is accessible and cost effective. Can it catch on?

By Daniel A. Jones, MD, ABPN, ABSM

In The Pipeline

Pathway to Success? MS Drug Takes Nrf-2 Pathway for Treatment

BG-12 is an oral therapy under regulatory review in the US and Europe for the treatment of MS.

By Zac Haughn, Senior Associate Editor

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