January/February 2015




MR CLEAN: A Close-Up Look

A co-principal investigator details the landmark stroke study and discusses how to avoid a turf war with competing specialties.

A Q&A With Yvo Roos, MD, PhD

Vascular Cognitive Impairment, Part 1

Cognitive impairment after acute stroke is likely under-appreciated despite its impact.

By Alicia M. Zha, MD and Brendan J. Kelley, MD

Stroke Busters: Mobile Stroke Units Offer a New Approach to Care

Calling 911 in Cleveland might deliver a highly specialized vehicle to suspected stroke patients. What’s behind the new intervention?

A Q&A with Shazam Hussain, MD


Headache Management: Novel Delivery Systems Show Promise

As we enter 2015, two experts review year that was in headache care, as well as three novel delivery systems to look for in the future.

With Paul G. Mathew, MD, FAHS and David Dodick, MD

Concussions and the National Football League

As understanding of TBI deepens, professional sports associations are responding. An update on NFL policy allows an understanding of the intersection of research and real-life practice.

By Francis X. Conidi, DO



Dementia Insights: Nutritional Aspects of Cognitive Impairment: Its Role In Prevention and Treatment

Much of the information on nutrition and dementia is not scientifically well-documented, but there is evidence that proper nutrition can be beneficial.

By Ronald Devere, MD

Expert Opinion: Streptococcal Meningismus After CT Myelography in a Patient with HIV

Streptococcal meningitis is a potential complication of myelography. Healthcare personnel and patients should be advised of this risk as well as measures to prevent it.

By Nicholas A. Ciotola DPM, MA; Steven Mandel MD, PC, FAAN; Peter J. Bruno, MD; and Craig Grossman, MD

Dementia Prevalence in the Oldest Old

A Q&A with Dr. Ugo Lucca

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