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Ocrelizumab and the Next Phase in Multiple Sclerosis Therapy

Thomas Leist, MD, PhD

November/December 2015—Advances in immune therapy may change how scientists and clinicians understand neurodegenerative components of MS.

Promising Directions in Relapse-Impact Prevention in Multiple Sclerosis

Martina Novotna, MD, Moses Rodriguez, MD, and Orhun H. Kantarci, MD

October 2015—Current immunomodulatory treatments for MS are not reliable to prevent long-term disability, but future agents focusing on remyelination and axonal and neuronal repair could reverse this course.

Multiple Sclerosis in Context: Psychological Comorbidities and Adverse Health Behaviors

With Ruth Ann Marrie, MD, PhD

October 2015—Depression and anxiety are both more prevalent in patients with MS than in the general population. Smoking and alcohol use are also common in these patients. However, while th…

Multiple Sclerosis: In-Focus

October 2015— PRISMS-15 Study Identifies Factors Influencing Long-Term Outcomes in RRMS New findings from the PRISMS-15 study suggest that higher cumulative exposure to subcutaneous …

New Evidence Ties Low Vitamin D Levels to Neurological Diseases

September 2015—  New Evidence Ties Low Vitamin D Levels to Neurological Diseases Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with a variety of medical conditions in the last seve…

As Treatment Options Expand, Researchers Continue to Explore the Basis of MS

A Q&A with Moses Rodriguez, MD

November/December 2014—New treatments have emerged and others are expected. What have changes meant for patient care?

Global Outcomes Data and Possible New Therapies in the Huntington’s Pipeline

A Q&A with George Yohrling, PhD and Ed Wild, PhD

November/December 2014—Researchers are focused on patient outcomes on a global scale and join clinicians in the vigil for new drug approvals.

ALS: Demystifying the Role of Genetics in Pathogenesis, Treatment

With Cynthia Bodkin, MD

November/December 2014—The ice bucket challenge may have been this year’s ALS headline story, but research is progressing on gene research.


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