Personal Pain Management App Approved for Use with Intrathecal Drug Delivery Pump


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved use of an application (myPTM Personal Therapy Manager; Medtronic, Dublin, Ireland) for patients with chronic pain to use on a touchscreen device (Galaxy J3; Samsung, San Jose, CA) in combination with an intrathecal drug delivery pump (SynchroMed II; Medtronic). 

With this application, physicians can program the device with preset limits; patients can then self-regulate dose delivery to the intrathecal space within those limits. Intrathecal drug delivery has been shown to reduce the dose needed for effective pain relief and reduce or eliminate patient’s use of oral opioid medications. 

Features of the application include information about the therapy being given, clear controls for self-delivery of a bolus as prescribed, alerts when requests for boluses exceed physician-set dose limits, and the ability for physicians to track medication usage. It is hoped that this patient-centered approach will increase patient-physician partnership in the control of a patient’s chronic pain. 

 “Samsung and Medtronic have partnered to offer an innovative solution for patients with chronic pain,” said Dr. David Rhew, chief medical officer, vice president and general manager for Enterprise (B2B) Healthcare, Samsung Electronics America. “The ability to directly manage one’s medical condition from a smartphone device is ground breaking and changes the way we think about the personalization of care.”

Charlie Covert, vice president and general manager of the Targeted Drug Delivery business, part of the Restorative Therapies Group at Medtronic said, “As the opioid crisis continues, we are inspired by the Medtronic Mission to continue to innovate and expand access to care for patients who may benefit from our therapies, which have the potential to eliminate the need for oral opioids.”


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