New CPT Code for Electrocorticography From Responsive Neurostimulator


The American Medical Association (AMA) has issued a new Category/Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code for electrocorticography from an implanted brain neurostimulator. The code applies to services that physicians perform with a responsive neurostimulator (RNS System; NeuroPace, Mountain View, CA) that is approved for treatment of adults with epilepsy that is refractory to medical treatment. 

As reported previously in Practical Neurology, over a 9-year period, 75% of patients (n = 256) achieved 50% reduction in seizure frequency and approximately 33% achieved a 90% or more reduction in seizures with 28% having at least 1 6-month seizure-free period.  

A unique feature of responsive neurostimulation is that it measures electrocorticographic signals and adjusts stimulation delivered to the brain in response to seizure-like activity when that is detected. The system also records the electrocorticographic signals, which can be downloaded to a physician’s laptop via a wand-like device. Now, physicians who download and review this data can bill for these services using the new CPT code. 

"The support of the medical societies for this newly issued CPT code is a testament to the strength of the long-term clinical evidence supporting this technology as well as the valuable insights from neural recordings,” said NeuroPace CEO Frank Fischer. "The new code should give even greater access to this information and facilitate patient access to RNS therapy."


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