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FDA Clears External Craniostimulation Device for Treatment of Insomnia, Anxiety, and Depression

Thursday, March 28, 2019—The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared a novel cranial electrostimulation (CES) device (Cervella; Innovative Neurological Devices, Carmel, IN). Proprietary electro…

FDA Approves Solriamfetol for Treatment of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Thursday, March 21, 2019—The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved solriamfetol (Sunosi; Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Dublin, Ireland) for the treatment of adults with excessive daytime sleepiness …

The Importance of Sleep

Logan Schneider, MD

March/April 2019—Sleep has a critical role in brain health and is an essential part of improving neurologic care for all of our patients.

Sleep & Neurodevelopment

Anne M. Morse, DO

March/April 2019—Sleep characterization in children may have a role in evaluation for risk of impaired development, behavior, mood, and self-regulation.

Sleep & Neurodegenerative Disease

Raman K. Malhotra, MD

March/April 2019—Sleep problems are common and treatable in neurodegenerative disorders, and may also be a treatable risk factor and early biomarker.

Sleep & Elite Athletic Performance

Scott Kutscher, MD

March/April 2019—Elite athletes commonly have sleep disturbances and poor sleep quality made worse by the environmental demands of athletics.

Sleep & Medical Training

Michael Howell, MD, FAAN, FAASM

March/April 2019—“If sleep doesn’t serve an absolutely vital function, it is the greatest mistake evolution ever made.”—Allan Rechschaffen, University of Chicago

Sleep, Sleeplessness, & Neuropsychiatric Conditions

Fiona Barwick, PhD

March/April 2019—Sleep disturbances are symptoms of psychiatric conditions that can worsen prognosis; however, nonpharmacologic treatments are available and effective.


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